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How He Grew to 2,000 Units After Losing Almost Everything in 2008

Wow, today’s interview is chalked full of so much valuable info!

Ever look up to someone and wish you could chat with them for a few minutes? Well today’s a special episode for me because I get that chance! Today I interview long-time real estate investor and podcast host, Kevin Bupp.

Kevin started his real estate investing career over 19 years ago in a small town of Pennsylvania. Through family connections Kevin met his soon to be mentor. He walked blindly into a fix and flip conference with his future mentor; from that conference on Kevin decided to fully immerse himself into real estate.  We discuss the importance of actually liking real estate, when times are bad you have to believe in your love of it to carry you through the tough times. 

We discuss some pros and cons of mobile home park investing. One of the biggest pros is that cities are no longer building mobile home parks which causes a much higher demand than there is supply. These mobile parks also offer one of the cheapest rents you can find; having one of the most economical rents makes it very easy to keep rented during an economic downturn.

START chasing your real estate goals! And remember, you don’t have to be great to START, but you have to START to be great!

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Pick a state that has your back!! Raising rents without notice or letting your properties fall apart isn’t the most appropriate way to treat tenants, but if you happen to go down that route its nice to know that some states have your back.

When I bought my first rental property over 6 years ago, I had no idea that Connecticut was one of the worst landlord friendly states. It wasn’t even a thought. I was doing everything I could do to just get that first deal, ya know?

If this last eviction, which cost over $5k and 4 months worth of loss rent (ep. 7 of START FM) could teach anything, it’s that we need to be more strategic about the states we invest in.To help you avoid the same mistakes, here’s a list of all the top landlord and tenant friendly states.

Top TENANT Friendly States: California, New York, Hawaii, New Jersey and Vermont

Top LANDLORD Friendly States:Texas, Indiana, Florida, Colorado and Arkansas

Comment below if you invest in a LANDLORD friendly state! Which one?

How He bought 3 Pieces of Land For $13k & Techniques For Implementing RUBS Successfully

Cheap land flips in Mississippi is where Darwin Crawford got his first taste of dabbling in real estate  He found three pieces of land that were for sale through an estate sale.  They were willed to a church and the church didn’t want the land they wanted the money. He brought them in cash, and they were dumbfounded by it.  He was able to turn around and sell them for a decent profit. The next time he went after it he was in Phoenix, and is currently still doing deals out there. 

“Pick something that works for you. Be honest about your skillset.”

Darwin made a great point about the importance of knowing when to buy, in relation to the time of year and season, within your area. If you live in parts of the US where there’s scorching temperatures, it may be best to purchase when it’s hottest and also the opposite applies for when you live in colder climates. The dead of winter may be the best time of year to purchase because most people selling don’t want to continue to heat their properties and may take a lower price. We also get into a discussion about how you also need to be aware of your neighborhood. It’s crazy how a single block can effect the type of resident you can rent to as well as the condition the property comes in. It was a great reminder to research and understand where you buy properties because it can either make or break you. 

Understanding where you strengths lay is a great characteristic to have when dealing with real estate too. If you don’t understand something or have no interest in a certain field and are only looking for the monetary outcome, your success will most likely not come easy. Trusting your own instincts and not always looking at a broker for their 2 cents is also something to keep in mind. If you know you don’t want to go above a certain price, don’t. You know your own financials and don’t allow someone else to get you into a bind. 

You can find the transcript of this episode HERE. Transcripts of all episodes can be found HERE. Want to listen to the full episode on iTunes? Do that HERE.