October 28, 2019 Chad Duval


Pick a state that has your back!! Raising rents without notice or letting your properties fall apart isn’t the most appropriate way to treat tenants, but if you happen to go down that route its nice to know that some states have your back.

When I bought my first rental property over 6 years ago, I had no idea that Connecticut was one of the worst landlord friendly states. It wasn’t even a thought. I was doing everything I could do to just get that first deal, ya know?

If this last eviction, which cost over $5k and 4 months worth of loss rent (ep. 7 of START FM) could teach anything, it’s that we need to be more strategic about the states we invest in.To help you avoid the same mistakes, here’s a list of all the top landlord and tenant friendly states.

Top TENANT Friendly States: California, New York, Hawaii, New Jersey and Vermont

Top LANDLORD Friendly States:Texas, Indiana, Florida, Colorado and Arkansas

Comment below if you invest in a LANDLORD friendly state! Which one?